Saturday, October 29, 2005

More, we want more!

Alright, we are finally getting somewhere with this so called Plame Gate investigation. The far left Bush haters are salivating at the prospect of expanding this current development into something more.
Yeah, more, we want more!
They will not stop their tenacious attacks on Bush via the media until they bring this government to its knees if that's what it takes.
Why? Extreme left wing mantra: “He lied and soldiers died.”
It could not possibly be that he was convinced by the multiple attacks against US interests around the world and finally a devastating attack on US soil by groups sharing a common cause. Wordwide Islamic terrorism with the US as prime target #1? Afghanistan and Iraq being the two countries signalling their hostility towards the US at that time.
Left wing’s response: Overblown by Bush, rush to war.
Why #2? Extreme left wing mantra: “Katrina..., just Katrina!”
The FEMA and pre-FEMA rule was that it normally takes 72 hours for the feds to get to disasters and that local/state officials should carry the burden till then. No, its Bush’s fault … he was a day late and he is the one that is 99% at fault. “Brownie”, who handled relief efforts successfully for several hurricanes before, was made the scapegoat.
Left wing’s stance: "Bush, incompetent and his staff, all incompetent."
It would be great to dispute some more left wing media slogans but I digress.

Don’t get me wrong, if “Scooter” was lying and he is proven to have done so, he belongs in jail.
Why, however, is it necessary to “throw the book” at him? Five indictments out of the same single question about who spoke to who first and the resulting alleged lie? Boy, the special prosecutor is really covering all the bases on this one.

“By piling on similar charges, legal specialists said, special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald is following a common prosecutorial practice of citing every statute that is relevant to the facts in order to bolster his case and make it more difficult for Libby to defend himself.”

Yes, it's "common" if a prosecutor is trying to make a name for himself or is under heavy pressure to make something, anything, happen.
My guess is that the investigation had to bear some kind of fruit because of all the political speculation during the preceeding months.
Why? Extreme lefties aiming high: First Libby, then Rove, then Cheney and finally that most evil of all evils, Bush.
Such prosecutorial zeal for what may turn out to be a simple case of one deficient recollection.
My concern is that we may be seeing the development of a newly refined tactic in our political process. The tactic is “smear till it utterly destroys” and use the media to make this happen.
By way of informed friends and bloggers there is still some semblance of common sense on both sides of these partisan divides. Unfortunately, there are many well meaning moderate liberals and conservatives who genuinely care about this country who are being hi-jacked into weakening this great country.
Destroy the country because Democrats need the White House.
Why? So those media hyped far left Democrats that never spell out their own platforms and whom the likes of Soros, Kerry, Kennedy and Michael Moore are promoting can come in and solve all our problems.


porchwise said...

Somebody has to come in and solve them...Bushonomics certainly hasn't been able to do anything except create a monster national debt.

porchwise said...

BTW, the title, "More, we want more!" should have headed up a blog about oil company profiteering.

roman said...

Thanks for stopping by my site.
Yes, our war on terror and recent natural disasters have increased our national debt.
I wonder if president Kerry would have fared better. We don't know because he really never revealed his "master" plan.
The oil industry, even I can't defend them. The sooner the windfall profit tax gets passed the better.

Vman said...

Kerry's a joke. and you have to admit appointing a horse trainer as head of FEMA wasn't exactly a good move.

roman said...

Not just any old horse trainer, but "Arabian" horses. OK, you got me there, it's never a good thing to put a friend without credentials in charge of crucially important agencies. If not for Katrina and the ineptness of the local/state officials, Brownie would have been able to continue doing a "fine" job. All he really does is give speeches while his underlings do the actual work. It's amazing to me how a person's life's legacy can be summed up in the word "failure". Brownie is, IMHO, a victim of scapegoating and political subterfuge at its worst.