Monday, November 07, 2005

The Rio Grande game.

There is one gripe I have with the Bush administration and previous administrations going back some twenty years. It is the failure to secure our southern border with Mexico. Since there is no problem with hordes of Canadians entering our country illegally, there is only one border to make more secure. This has been and is now a failure of responsibility and duty of our government officials to safeguard the country. It is a problem that transcends party affiliations. Both sides are equally guilty of neglecting our national security.
Big agriculture and manufacturing business entities do not want to turn off the spigot of cheap labor and lobby extensively to win the favor of the Bush administration. That favor translates to this administration's policy of turning a deaf ear to critics of their shamefully "liberal" border policy. The policy of undermining the border patrols by understaffing and underfunding.
I fear the Democrats would not do much better. They in turn have shown a total disregard for the border issues in the past for a different reason. Hispanic votes from citizens who are sympathetic to their own ancestral heritage. The Dems will not alienate a large part of their voting constituency.
So there you have it, the left and right are both allowing lawlessness and chaos to continue unabated on our southern border.
Round up the usual suspects? There is only one: Votes .. and the country be damned.
Republicans: Corporate interests that rely on cheap labor contribute to the GOP war chest which in turn will fund election campaign ads to bring in more votes.
Democrats: The Hispanic vote is almost as solidly Democratic as the black vote, so the status quo remains unchanged.
I wonder how many illegal migrants crossing over the border think that it is only a minor inconvenience when they get caught. To them it is just a game. The game has been in play for such a long time that they probably no longer consider it to be a crime.
What is the message this policy is sending to law abiding aliens waiting to enter this country legally?

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Vman said...

Our nation has a lacsadaisical approach to this issue. We think that since they're building our decks and landscaping we can look the other way when we discover that they're illegal immigrants. The border isn't being policed due to economic reasons. However, I do agree and have spoken out before on how bad illegal immigration is.