Sunday, December 18, 2005

Good news? Dems.. NEVER!

Just like the Grinch who stole Christmas, the hard-core left wing media leaders have another hyped "news" item to counter the successful and joyous Iraqi election event. The New York Times is again "sticking it" to the Bush administration and in direct extension, our country's efforts in the War on Terror and international reputation. One can recognize that this type of anti administration hype, when chronic, does extend its scope of effect and collateral damage to us as citizens of this country. I am all for "freedom of the press" but when there is a concerted effort to consistently put the government in a bad light, one has to wonder what the underlying agenda is. We are again being insulted, subtly and by extension, by these obvious and irresponsible partisan journalistic tactics and underlying anti-American bias. Yes, anti-American! It certainly is not pro-American, is it?
If we were playing soccer and these journalists were on our team, we would loose every match because they would make sure of that outcome.
This "earth-shattering" news flash from MTV, which is totally reliant on the Times piece, is just another hyped scandal in a series of attacks on the Bush administration.
Young Americans, take note: Bush OK'd spying on Americans.
What actually happened is that shortly after the devastating attack of 9/11, the Bush administration OK'd surveillance on communications between suspected terrorists overseas with their US sources by the NSA without the usual time consuming process of obtaining judicial warrants as a rapid response to confront any impending terrorist attacks. A logical, legal and necessary move to safeguard the country's citizens. Congress was consulted on this and all was OK. In 2004 this process was ended since it was no longer needed.
So why is this suddenly such an affront to our civil liberties?
BECAUSE THE LEFT NEEDS TO GET THE SUCCESS OF IRAQI ELECTIONS OFF THE FRONT PAGES ASAP. God forbid should the public at large get the impression that our country did something right and by extension give the Bush administration some credit.
Now, I know that some readers might say; "well that's just politics". I say, its the type of politics that drags the USA (and us as citizens) through the mud. It's an affront and an insult because it lowers our country's esteem and in extension, our very own dignity.
I am going to make a prediction here. Readers take note.
The next time there is a news report of some favorable outcome which reflects positively on the Bush administration there will be a "counter" news flash with something/anything of a negative nature which will remove and squelch the good news. Let's see.. I know. We start pulling some troops out of Iraq.... Lefts response: "Not quick enough, not enough troops."
It would be laughable if it wasn't so tragic for this great nation.


Lone Ranger said...

Democratic icon FDR would have tossed all these people in prison. He rule the media with an iron fist.

roman said...

lone ranger,
Welcome to my blog, Kimosabe.
Yes, I believe he would have thrown them in jail but he never needed to take such drastic action. He was a media darling from the start. His early affair with Lucy Mercer, the Tammany Hall political assistance and his illness were all kept confidential by a most compliant press. The regular radio shows called fireside chats were a source for getting the word out about his programs and greatly assisted acceptance by the public. He was a master at using the media to get his way.

Fahd Mirza said...

The best thing about your blog is that I get first hand impression of America here.

Contrary to the general idea, Majority of us here in Pakistan dont hate America. Instead, according to our own national, religious and individual interests, we criticize America.

If I were an American, then honestly, I would surely support the Bush Administration.

If I were an Iraqi, well, I would prefer a liberation army in the leadership of UN, comprising of all nations.

roman said...

fahd mirza,
There is nothing wrong with well thought-out criticism. I get criticism every day from my wife and people at work. There have been many problems solved because of criticism.
We here in the USA are, at times, frustrated with the idea of critical comments because we think that we have all the right answers to the world's problems. We have been reminded recenly that we cannot solve all the world's problems because they can be very, very complex. But if not us, then who will step up and make the sacrifice? Certainly not the UN because it just does not have the courage and will to take the required actions necessary. The UN did set up an office in Baghdad a few months after the initial hostilities were over but after taking a couple of casualties, they abandoned their post and blamed the coalition for not providing the necessary security. They are quite impotent. I agree with you that they should be the world's problem solving body. Maybe the USA should involve itself more in improving the way the UN functions instead of ignoring it altogether.

Fahd Mirza said...

Roman thanks for echoing my thoughts.

Jeff said...

Roman, we're on the same page about the liberal media. It amazes me that anyone misses the bias, even liberals! If the media were this biased to the conservative side I'd be aghast.

And how cool is it that you get to have a Pakistani viewpoint here!

Merry Christmas to you!

roman said...

Thanks for stopping by my site.
I am indeed honored by correspondence with several bloggers from Pakistan. The perspective gained from their viewpoints is extremely valuable and gives us a true picture of how the rest of the world really views the USA instead of relying on our local media's interpretation.

Vman said...

One could argue that criticizing your country is the most american thing you can do since you're helping keep it in check. Also, we don't really know whether or not the Iraqi elections went well since all our news is either tinted to the left or tinted to the right.

roman said...

Criticizing misguided actions and policies of our government is our duty as citizens. We do this in order that those actions and policies are eventually changed or eliminated. Criticizing "all" actions and policies and attacking the personal integrity of our duly elected president for partisan political reasons is not.
It is a phenomena that has been expanded recently and utilized in a most insidious way by the use of the main stream media.

Friar Tuck said...

The interesting thing with all of this is the sentiment in the title.

It is a lesson for us in all of life. Criticism without offering proactive solutions or living proactively gets us nowhere

roman said...

friar tuck,
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Yes we should be proactive in offering solutions to problems and not just criticize.
We can all learn a valuable lesson by not just criticizing what is said about problems but by conspicuous silence at critical times on these issues from our political representatives. This is a tactic that seems to have been re-introduced lately by quite a few noteworthy politicians. It's so bad that we really don't know where some of them stand on any given issue.

roman said...

Correction to my response to friar tuck:

"We can all learn a valuable lesson by not just criticizing what is said about problems but by RECOGNIZING conspicuous silence at critical times on these issues from our political representatives."

One word makes all the difference.