Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What and Where.

A tag from one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Fahd Mirza, has prompted me to divulge some things that may give some insight to who I am.

Four jobs I've had:
Taxi Driver (Checker- Boston)
Sidewalk vendor of sweets/nuts (Haymarket- Boston)
Part time campus security officer-Boston College
General Manager - Commercial Printing

Four movies I watch over and over:
2001, A Space Odysey
Blade Runner
The Constant Gardener
War of the Worlds

Four places I've lived:
Genk, Belgium
Waterschei, Belgium
New York, New York, USA
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Four TV shows I watch:
Saturday Night Live (if I'm awake)
CSI (all of them)
Crossing Jordan
Night Stalker

Four places i've vacationed:
Antwerp, Belgium
Hawaii (Maui)
Antigua, West Indies
Can Cun, Mexico

Four websites I visit daily:
All my links (well, almost daily) (news)
Wikipedia (resource)
Russia- Special Radio 6'th Button (music)

Four of my favorite foods:
Italian Ice (lemon slush)
KFC (crispy)
French Fries (MacDonald's)
Fried Fish (any kind)

Four places I'd like to be right now:
The last three where I vacationed plus Kauai.

Six folks I would like to tag:
Everyone that I dare to tag has already been tagged so I will
defer this part to a later date (promise).


Nabeel said...

is Belgium known for it's chocolate or no?

roman said...

It sure is. Both Belgium and Holland claim to be the chocolate capital of the world. Now that you mention it, I should have listed it as one of my favorite foods.
Peace :)

San Nakji said...

Belgium is definitely chocolate capital. Holland could not even begin to claim that! They are the Haring capital... mmmm ... haring ;)

roman said...

san nakji,
I thought it was wooden shoes and tulips.
Anyway, when I lived there, there was not much difference between the Flemish speaking Belgians and the Dutch. It was almost like the two countries were as one.

Pete's Blog said...

I've been to Waterloo.

The fighting had stopped.

The little guy lost.

There's such a long recorded history in that little country compared to our "New World" countries.


Fahd Mirza said...

Please dont yell at me, because I am going to admit that I am not a chocolate fan.

samrina said...
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samrina said...

Oh! i just love chocolates :)

I must visit Belgium once atleast:)

Nice list.

Hope u doing fine.


roman said...

spooky pete,
There was a lot of history there. As a youngster I remember exploring old WWI and WWII gun enplacements on a little hill in the woods overlooking my town. Occasionally, there would be a farmer or a child that would get blown up by an old mine or ancient artillery piece buried in a field.

roman said...

fahd mirza,
Too much chocolate, especially the dark bitter variety, can be bad for you. I once had trouble sleeping and was told by my doctor that I should not consume any dark chocolate. I guess it has some chemical properties that effect the electrical impulses which regulate a person's heartbeat. In my case, it speeded it up (like caffein)and therefore I was wide awake all the time even when tired.

roman said...

If you go to Belgium, try to get to see some of the little towns and old farmhouses.
The farmhouse that we lived in had a straw-thatched roof with tar underlayments. There were no enclosure walls on the bedrooms upstairs but an open wooden beam design so that the heat from the coal stove in the kitchen could heat the whole inside of the house. As children we slept under large bed-sized down (duck featers)bed spreads during the winter with stocking caps to keep our heads warm.
Those were the "good old days".

Pete's Blog said...


Yes I also find Wikipedia is a terrific resource.

You must have seen some interesting sites during your Boston College stint ... Was it a residential college?


roman said...

spooky pete,
I worked the 11PM to 7 AM shift and days on weekends. At night, the biggest issue was couples who were "parking" in the sprawling lot. Our 2AM sweep would uncover some couples in embarrasingly compromised positions. On weekends, there would be the occassional hockey scrimmage fight at McHugh Forum. I hated that because we would have to try to balance ourselves on the ice and at the same time try to break up the nightly donnybrook pile-up. I can assure you that we earned every dollar they paid us.

roman said...

spooky pete,
Yes, BC was in a residential setting. Our nightly patrols would have to cruise residence houses off campus too. This patrol was useless since the students knew our routine but it was a requirement for insurance purposes.

Renegade Eye said...

Massachusetts is known for muffins.

samrina said...

Thnx alot Roman for thr suggestion i wud love to, may i can visit there as soon as possible.

Hope u doing fine there :)


Pete's Blog said...

Hey roman

Have you considered putting a date stamp on the comments? It'd give us an idea when the last post was made.

You speak Russian as well?



roman said...

spooky pete,
As soon as I figure out how to date stamp, I definitely will.
Sorry, Russian with its cyrillic alphabet, is one language that looked too much of a challenge to learn.