Sunday, March 19, 2006

REFUND! That's what I'm talkin' about!

Well, I'm happy to report that I got through another tax filing season with some semblance of my sanity intact.
Recent studies in the field of issues dealing with memory and reason tell us that if we keep our minds sharp and alert by performing tasks that challenge our cognitative functions constantly, we will preserve these functions well into our senior years. Doing your own taxes is definitely a good example. As a matter of fact, it may be a little overkill.
Thank you President George Bush for keeping the tax rates at a "reasonable" level. Now start figuring a way to get most of our troops out of Iraq as soon as possible because I have a feeling that the "piper will need to be paid" for this (mis)adventure? sooner or later. A 9 TRILLION dollar deficit is about $30,000 (+ -) for each working family in the USA, if I'm not mistaken. I hope the Chinese don't call on us to pay those notes anytime soon. If they do, we'll be "up the creek without a paddle".
Is there such a thing as a politician who is fiscally responsible? Is it even reasonable to expect this?


Pete's Blog said...


Glad to here your "voluntary work" for the IRS hasn't addled your brain.

On withdrawing from Iraq: for whatever reason that the US led the Coalition (including Australia) into Iraq I don't think the US (Australia or the UK) should withdraw for years.

Iraq is now an economic mess, with a large insurgency and a very weak military. It is now more than ever vulnerable to influence or even takeover by its usual enemy Iran.

Spread of Iranian influence is not exactly in the West's intersts.

So unfortanely military spending is likely to keep your foreign debt in bad shape.

San Nakji said...

Well, the Republicans claim to be the economically sound ones. While they are keen on cutting social services, they seem to get into more than their fair share of wars, which is never good for balancing the budget! It would be simple to solve... but it won't happen I am afraid.

roman said...

spooky pete,

You're absolutely right that our coalition should stay the course. Our eventual draw-down of troops should also follow if the Iraqi armed forces and police can handle themselves. If we leave now before their security forces are ready, than all we will have done so far will be to make the conditions ripe for a hostile takeover. Whether its by Iran or some element of the insurgency within Iraq, it would not be in anyone's interest for future peace and stability in the region.
Many people around the world see our mission in Iraq in a very shortsighted way. The terms invasion, occupation and imposition of western rule are constantly in use.
There is more at stake here. Our "meddling" in this area is (and has been) primarily to insure a reliable flow of oil to fuel the West's and Asia's unprecedented economic growth and strength. Our very way of life is being threathened by the likes of the Iranian regime and the Al Quaida-like groups. They hit us at every opportunity in the most vulnerable areas. This free flow of oil is our lifeline and they know it. They will keep trying to shut it down.
The enemy is crafty and knows how to gain support through terror and misinformation through the media. Their greatest weapon is the media because they employ whatever is the most economical and has the greatest impact, like using our planes on 9/11.
Thanks for being the voice of reason on this issue.

roman said...

san nakji,
I'm afraid that social spending has taken the biggest hit and will keep taking hits with the upcoming budget constraints. It is all because of this unique willingness by our government to make the big sacrifices for world wide stability. But if not us and our coalition friends, who else can affect the changes necessary? The UN these days can't seem to get out of its own way.
I am not so sure that Democrats would ultimately behave any better, though. This is because they would be facing the very same issues.

Oricon Ailin said...

Roman, I'm glad you got a refund this year! Woohoo!!

As for the Republicans screwing up, it doesn't matter whether it was them or the Democrats. Our nation's leaders are all in trouble. We keep sinking further and further and it seems like no one wants to do anything about it.

roman said...

oricon ailin,
Thanks for the "Woohoo"!
I needed that.
Republicans/Democrats.. they're really all the same. That's why I always remain Independent. It's my little way of saying that both party platforms are designed with the sole purpose of staying in power and not what is good for our country.

Dr Kuha said...


I like your style, Roman.

Vman said...

I'm torn about the refunds, I'm always happy to get money but I know it's only adding to the deficit. I don't want future generations to have to pay off the chinese.

Dr Kuha said...

i'm not sure how the tax thing works in this country. I got back twice as much money as I paid in. Not that I'm complaining, I just don't understand it.

roman said...

Don't be torn up about it. When you get a refund, you're just getting your own "overpayment" of taxes back. So that money never belonged to Uncle Sam in the first place. As a matter of fact, they should thank you for the use of that money for part of the year.

roman said...

dr kuha,
WOW, really? Twice as much back as paid in is like a miracle. Hopefully, they won't be giving you the "we made an error and we want it back" routine.
Count your blessings.

beatroot said...

My tax status in Poland is ...dodgey. I don't want to talk about it...

Big government Republicans. Wars without end. General incompetence.

If the Bushies do well in the mid term elections then I will eat my lap top.

But there again, all they are up against is the Democrats....policies of which are:

Big state spending (mostly on security), wars without end...incompetence...

My many American friends, you have my sympathy.

Renegade Eye said...

Something got lost. The US and allies, are in Iraq, to prevent a civil war. Now the neocons are moving to a civil war, so be it position. Pick up the ashes.

Nabeel said...

i still haven't done my taxes .. i need to do my god dang taxes .. 'cuz time is running out.

Do you do them urself?

roman said...


Pick up a copy of Tax Cut or Turbotax and follow the on-screen instructions. It is a little bit intimidating at first but once you do them one time, you will kick yourself for not doing it sooner.
If you get stuck, I'll gladly help you through it.

Dr Kuha said...

Don't get me wrong, Roman, I only paid in about 400 dollars. But earned income credit is a fickle and peculiar thing.

Kira said...

I just paid $4,000 on top of what has already been taken out of my paychecks all year... go figure.

Of course, it does comfort me to know that my hard-earned money is probably going toward building a bridge to nowhere in Alaska, replacing a new railway with a new highway in West Virginia or remodeling a recently damaged beach house in Florida. More money is wasted on "bring fake jobs to my community" spending and wasteful social policies than on this war you guys love to hate. Not a sermon, just a thought

PS - dr. kuha, I need your accountant's contact info

PPS - I heart IRS