Saturday, June 09, 2007


A former KGB agent tells of a program of psychological subversion implemented in the USA back in the Andropov days. Interestingly, a lot of what he claims is readily recognizable in many left leaning elites both in government and academia. The YOU TUBE piece is very interesting indeed.
Are the far fringe left liberals amongst us mindless zombies programmed to fulfill the Marxist/Leninist agenda? This is akin to a really bad "B" movie story line.... but it still makes one think.


beakerkin said...

We see a version of this on our blogs. For example Troutsky will be critical of the USA on race. However, he will defend Cuba that has a deplorable record on race.

You will also hear the usual suspects ignore Cuban medling in other countries affairs such as Eithiopia. What were 1200 Cubans doing in Syria in the 1973 war? However, any US action is scutinized many times by the usual suspects.

roman said...


You said "any US action is scrutinized many times by the usual suspects."
How very true!
Every time someone posts about the need to condemn unspeakable and uncivilized actions taken by zealous Islamic inspired terrorists or events in Cuba or Venezuela, there are always the few far left fringe "zombies" to counter and equate similar alleged actions to the USA/Israel/Britain or other genuinely Democratic country. I am repeatedly surprised at how rabid and purposeful this fringe is on the blogosphere. It’s as if they were getting paid big bucks to churn out this propaganda with the hope that by consistently repeating it long enough, like spam, they may win over one or two converts. These comparisons are often so profoundly inappropriate and dishonest that it almost becomes laughable if it wasn’t so sad. It is sad because these comparisons are sometimes made by people who are supposed to be educated and informed and in many cases claim to be the intellectual elite in academia and journalism.

sonia said...


critical of the USA on race... Cuba that has a deplorable record on race.

Actually, both Cuba and US have similarly 'deplorable' record on race. In Cuba, race is used by Castro to 'divide and rule' his island, by alternatelyy using anti-white (or anti-black) prejudice to silence his opponents (depending whether they happen to be white or black). And US politicians have been doing exactly the same thing in United States (liberals scaring blacks to vote Democratic by painting all Republicans as Klansmen, and conservatives scaring Southern whites into voting Republican by painting all Democrats as Black Panthers).

The only difference is that in Cuba, Castro can play both cards simultaneously...

beakerkin said...


The folks playing the race card in the USA are the Marcuse goons. The fate of Arfican Americans in the USA is not nearly as dire as that in Cuba.

Look at what I told Cringing on Troutsky's site.

beakerkin said...


Be sure you drop by tommorow as we continue to infuriate the far left and interview a Cuban American blogger.