Tuesday, September 11, 2007

General Betray Us ?!?

Has the group MoveOn.org lost their minds completely? Their play on words is a disgraceful attempt to ridicule and otherwise cast completely unfounded aspersions on an honorable and distinguished military general that just happens to be in charge of the most pressing and difficult conflict of the present day.
To evoke the left's position and paraphrase the US Army lawyer back in the McCarthy days some 50+ years ago, I ask the MoveOn people; "Have you no decency? "

For the record, General Petraeus has earned credentials that are beyond reproach and is highly regarded by a broad spectrum of both military and civilian authorities.
I repeat emphatically; "Have you no decency? "


beakerkin said...


Moveon is a Communist group that has zero mainstream credentials. It is funded by the deranged George Soros who should be in jail for financial crimes. He also has violated the laws of the USA prohibiting private individuals from conducting their own foreign policies.

About the McCarty era, todays media does not point out the homophobia of the far left critics of McCarthy. What Roy Cohn's homosexuality has to do with Communist espionage and infiltration remains a mystery to me.

Lets also move beyond the myths in that the American Communist Party was run by Moscow and did commit espionage in the USA. Communist knowigly lied about this and the stacks of research papaers on the subject are clear examples of why Communist should not be employed in Education. Moreover how a minority is exponentially over represented and 30% of the population excluded from faculty positions is a clear example of adverse impact.

Lets also be clear that most of the accused were Stalinist. I do not buy into the Trotskyite fantasy
that their Brand X variant has nothing to do with the numerous crimes of Communists.The crimes against humanity preceeded Stalin. I also consider Trotsky's actions
more important than the word's of a dead man trying to save his posterior.

roman said...


The MoveOn.org's sophomoric headline has sunk its credibility to lows that will be hard to recover from. Even some dedicated lefties are now shying away from any association with them. Look for a name change soon like, say.. HateAmerica.org or Commies-R-Us.org.
Senator McCarthy started out with the right goals and noble intentions but unfortunately fell into a pattern of unsubstantiated claims and thus gained a reputation as a demagogue.(Kind of what the Democrats are currently doing with their House and Senate "probes" into every facet of the Bush administation's efforts to fight the war on Jihadist terror.) The 50's pseudo-intellectual left elite in acedemia, government and media hastened his eventual demise. His staying power was, however, remarkable and in some ways, I can speculate with certainty that he was able to forestall many far left socialist agendas from coming to fruition here in the USA during the cold war period.

roman said...


You inadvertently left this comment under my previous post.
"MoveOn communist? Let me spell it out, they are L-I-B-E-R-A-L-S."
You're right of course that they are liberals. Liberals that espouse the kind of viewpoints that MoveOn.org are known for are, for the most part, on the far left of the political spectrum. So far to the left, in fact, that any casual observer of political rhetoric might easily deduce that there is a socialist/communist component. Since the terms "Socialist" and "Communist" carry a negative connotation in most US citizens minds, the last thing that MoveOn would do is pronounce their ultimate aims publically. MoveOn spends a lot of money (soft contributions) to defeat anyone that espouses conservative values and zealosly promotes liberal agendas. Logically, one may conclude that if they were to be 100% successful, and given enough time, they would ultimately turn this country into a communist state.
Have you joined yet?

Renegade Eye said...

Beak: If Trotsky was only interested in saving his posterior, he'd of joined Stalinism. Life would have been easier. The first time Stalin met Trotsky, it was when Trotsky was a Menshavik. He was giving a speech denouncing political activity Stalin was leading for the Bolsheviks. Save his posterior; from Stalin or US?

Roman: MoveOn is more my enemy than yours. The Democratic Party is the main obstacle to social change. Someone on the left as myself, telling a potential Democrat, that the party is a lie, is more effective than a conservative. I'd be kicked off Daily Kos, before you would.

The term "Betrayus" was first used by Rush Limbaugh talking about Senator Chuck Hagel, calling him Senator Betrayus. Either they are both humor, or both an outrage.

roman said...


I could not locate any reference to the term "Betrayus" by Limbaugh about Chuck Hagel. Even if Rush did use the term, it was well deserved because Hagel did in fact betray his Republican/conservative constituancy by adopting a Democrat platform in almost every policy decision and vote. He became literally more popular with his state's Democrats than Repulicans. I call that betrayal.
In the case of General Petraeus, he was fitted with this moniker even before he delivered his report. This was completely unwarranted, unfounded and senseless. It was an undeserved political attack on a member of the armed services who is just trying to do a very tough job. I consider this attack to be nothing less than a vile, contemptible unpatriotic low-brow partisan act which needs to be condemned by everyone who calls themselves an American.

Renegade Eye said...

To me all of this politics as usual.

MoveOn's program is to get Democrats elected. I said earlier that the Democrats, are the main obstacle to social change. Do you notice any difference between us politically?

If you visited Graeme, Troutsky or my blog, and said MoveOn is communist, you'd be mocked.

beakerkin said...


I could honestly care less about Troutsky or G's views on the matter. Moveon is a communist group largely funded by George "Pinko" Soros.

The procommunist democrats include the entire "gufaw" progressive caucus. Moreover John "Gomer" Kerry
is typical of the type of garbage
fellow travelers promoted by that group. The antisemitic group must have forgot Joe Lieberman is a democrat. They pushed and nominated Comrade Lamont from a well known Stalinist family. Lamont was never asked about his granfather's support for Stalinism.

Soros is using this political money to deflect shady business practices that should have resulted in imprisonment and denaturalization.

Renegade Eye said...

Beak: You're probably right about Soros.

Stalinists in the USA, have been entrenched in the Democratic Party, for over 60 years. Under all their rhetoric, is nothing more than support for Democrats. They believe in the Roosevelt coalition, as the main vehicle for change.

Question: I also consider Trotsky's actions
more important than the word's of a dead man trying to save his posterior.

I'm trying to figure out what you mean. If that was true, wouldn't coming to peace with Stalinism, be the best move? His life was in danger, every minute in exile, from the time Stalin deported him to a White Russian enclave in Turkey. He had no visa, from any country. Explain?

beakerkin said...


Trotsky lost a power struggle and any guess on your part of how the Soviet Union would have played out is speculation. Trotsky helped create the disaster and is by no means exempt for the subsequent crimes of the Soviet Union as well as his own crimes that preceeded Stalin.

All of Trotsky's words after he lost a power struggle were about as sincere as the conversions before execution. Trotsky was a dead man walking and he needed allies to save his backside.

Do ask former Trostskyite Stephen Schwartz about Trotsky. You can't handle the truth Ren.

Schwartz can be reached at the Center for Islamic pluralism. Sadly,he is a lone voice of sanity in the Muslim community.

Renegade Eye said...

Again no substance. What words?

Anonymous said...

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