Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Sox 2007 MLB World Champions

I don't know why, but this picture from the Boston Globe of Jon Lester's parents congratulating him had a strong emotional affect on me. Their obvious affection for him speaks volumes about strong family ties.
Lester's ordeal with cancer so recently did not hamper his winning ways in the least. Having pitched solidly and propelled the Red Sox to a 4 - 3 win and thus capping a series sweep. He personifies victory over adversity.
Congratulations Red Sox... for a wicked pissa season.


Pete said...

Lester looks to be in great shape. His parents look so proud.

But I'm wondering how Lester and his team would do at cricket.


roman said...

Probably not so good. While baseball has many of the same implements (bat, ball, bowler and fielders) cricket's a totally different game.
Oh.. the bat's a bit wider in cricket as I recall. :-))

beakerkin said...

Has John Kerry found this Manny Ortiz guy yet. There are rumors that he drives a cab near the airport.

roman said...


To this day, I have absolutely no clue why Kerry and Kennedy keep getting re-elected. Kerry would make a great cabbie. Kennedy would have one restriction on his hack license.. stay off bridges.

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