Monday, March 24, 2008

Is anyone voting Democrat?

The primary race between Obama and Clinton has got to be the most astounding and embarrassing political discourse ever. I have never seen such flagrant race and gender baiting and muckraking. Every day presents a new revelation accusing the other of questionable past associations and insinuations of character flaws and you name it. I admit that it's humorous and enormously entertaining.
Even though I would never vote for either of the Democratic candidates as they are totally unqualified for the most important office at the most critical time, I can't help feeling sympathetic towards all those many voters earnestly wishing for change. My empathy extends to all those who enthusiastically gave their support and vigorously campaigned for one of these candidates. How bitterly disappointed they must feel as day in and day out this primary starts to imitate a TV sitcom. At this stage, we can only assume that both candidates have such utter contempt and built up hatred for each other's camps that they are each willing to drag their party down with them should they fail to get the nod.
Can anyone forgive the obvious and shameful arrogance being displayed by both candidates? McCain's lukewarm conservative supporters won't even have to vote as Democrats and liberal Independents will wind up voting for anyone but Barrack or Hill.
Hey, maybe even a late independent entry might stand a chance.


Anonymous said...

Ralph Nader to the resue!!!

Renegade Eye said...

Don't even think about Hillary. She has only a 10% chance to be nominated.

My viewpoint is so opposite of yours, I don't have much to say, other than I wish there was a mass party of the left in the US, that was anti-Democratic Party. I don't think the Greens are it.

Theresa VanderHorst said...

your blog was a breath of fresh air from the East. I worry about the brother lives in Jersey and I think he's rooting for Hill and how much good she's going to do.
Me....I'll be voting for McCain. Even if I agree with him only 80% of the time, it sure beats Hill or Barak, whom I agree with perhaps 20%.

roman said...

theresa vanderhorst,

Thank you for those kind words. It sounds like your brother has been
persuaded to join the Hillary supporters. That, I can assure you, is not uncommon here in the east where "liberal" politics has permeated every strata of society.
I will also be voting for McCain. He's not perfect but compared to both Hill and Obama, he's my guy. I'm hoping that he will wisely choose a running mate that will insure a victory for the more traditional and conservative political platform.

beakerkin said...


The Clinton's suffer from the Samson
complex. If they can not win they will kill themselves and their foes.

About the stuff on Sonia's site.

It is all about the angles.

Renegade Eye said...

I don't understand at the rightist blogs, they don't talk about how low the numbers are at GOP primaries, how little money has been raised etc?

When Bush is gone, the Bush doctrine will leave. In Iraq the US will hold talks with syria and Iran, Israel will talk with Hamas and Fatah. Abbas is too weak to talk to alone. I get heat from the left and right for that prediction.

Anonymous said...

I have run a completely open and honest campaign. My opponent, on the other hand, has done everything is her power to alienate and racebait voters in the most despicable manner possible! I offer change, and change is what we will get.

Repeat after me.


roman said...

barry's changes,

Thanks for visiting my blog.
You do realize that Obama is just another weak liberal candidate set up to take a fall, don't you? He will be just another failed attempt by the Dems elitists securing their incredibly poor record of fielding a totally unqualified candidate.