Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama nation

By a comfortable margin, Obama's well-oiled campaign machine propelled him to victory and he will lead the nation for the next four years. He faces a formidable list of expectations from his devoted followers and the money-men who made all the right connections. These same supporters and sponsors, I strongly suspect, will turn on him at the first hint of dissapointment. I can only imagine George W. Bush upon hearing the poll results having an introspective moment while chuckling to himself with the knowledge of how incredibly fickle the nation's constituancy can be.

If I could be so presumptious, my advice to the president elect is as follows:
Mr. President (to be), voting "present" will not cut it anymore. You already know that your over-the-top politically expedient promises cannot realistically be met. Time to ignore the politically partisan advice from Rahm Emanuel and start making the tough decisions because the buck cannot be passed so seamlessly anymore. Like "W", the MSM will inevitably start to ride roughshod over you. That's what they do. The promises you made of no increase(in taxes)for people earning less than $250,000 per year and 95% will see a decrease.
C'mon, really now!
The voting public "bought it" and like a herd of sheep, they responded. Like with Pavlov's dog, you rang the bell and enough of them responded with their votes.
Paradoxically, the racial component in this election was happily in your favor. Admit it, could a white junior senator from Chicago with no experience get this far?
Timing is everything. The Bush administration opened the door for you. In their zeal to safeguard the country after 9/11, they made some politically incorrect hard decisions. They, like many of us, thought them necessary to fight the war on terror. In doing so, they made some glaring miscalculations by stradling the lines of constitutionally protected rights. This honest effort to discharge their duties during a national emergency was immediatly seized upon and used by the opposition party (your party) to bad-mouth them. The Bush administration was vilified daily by a lopsided left-leaning press who had a common vision of making sure that CHANGE occurred. After a continuous barrage of negative reportage that lasted years, the desired result of turning more than half of the country against the party in power was met. This made the public wary of the Republicans, creating a fear of John McCain, a genuine American war hero, that he would continue in the same vain.
To sum it up, the reason you're the president-elect is simply that you're NOT Bush or a Republican, you're black and you have a velvet tongue and lots of charm and charisma.
For the love of this great country, please prove me wrong.


Renegade Eye said...

He won because of his strategy. He rejected the Clinton strategy, of targetting the sure winning states. He has charisma and intelligence. I don't support him, but acknowledge his skills.

I think that he thinks of himself as postracial.

I read Stratfor's analysis. He plans to govern from the center, to acknowledge the 46% who didn't vote for him. Bush didn't know how to govern and spoiled the GOP maybe for generations.

I agree he won the election by voting against the Iraq War.

roman said...


You're right about the winning strategy and his political skills.
I also agree that Obama will start to govern very near the center but with the same skills which produced his electoral victory, he will over time promote and stear a leftist agenda.

Renegade Eye said...

His natural instincts are centrist.

Renegade Eye said...

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