Thursday, July 23, 2009

Travel Log #1 Boston to London via Iceland

Tuesday, June 16, 2009.

With carry-on luggage only, we said "so long" to Missy (the cat) and Remy (the dog). Missy couldn't care less and Remy just kept sticking his head in a Dunkin Donuts cup.
After exchanging some dollars for British pounds, our Icelandair flight left Logan at 9:30PM and arrived in Reykjavik five hours later whereupon we had to change to another flight that whisked us to London's Heathrow in another two and a half hours.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It was an excruciatingly uncomfortable flight. Given the choice, I would have chosen root canal surgery without an anesthetic. God I hate flying.
We checked into the Hotel Rathbone in the West End, near Soho, at noon.
There was a very inviting and quaint little pub called "The Duke of York", diagonally across the street. Every evening, the pub's well-dressed patrons stand in front in large numbers and quaff down pint after pint and partake in festive conversation until the wee hours of the morning. Its all very well civilized but does tend to get somewhat louder as the evening progresses.
It was cool, overcast and raining off and on during the day. Later in the evening, after a quick excursion to nearby Oxford street in order to get our bearings, find the nearest tube stop and a look in the shops, we returned to the hotel. Being somewhat tired from our trip, we called it an early night. Its definitely a good idea NOT to schedule too much activity on a long-distance traveling day.


Renegade Eye said...

Sounds great.

I had fun in London.

London Hotel said...

I was once in this pub "The Duke of York". It's very pretty pub, in British style. I was in my London's vacation with my friends thorough ECT. It was nice week, we were drinking many beer everyday in many pubs.