Saturday, August 29, 2009

Travel Log #3 Windsor, Stonehenge & Oxford

Friday, June 19, 2009 After a quick breakfast in the hotel, we jumped on the tube and retraced our route to pick up our Evans tour. Windsor Castle was spectacular.
I never saw such an accumulation of wealth all in one place.
We could have spent a month in there and not seen all of it.

Then it was off to Stonehenge.
It happens to be the day before the Summer Solstice and all sorts of witches, druids and new age types were clogging the roads leading there.
When we finally got there, it was very windy.
The people around me spoke in hushed tones as if this was a holy place. They spoke in different languages but I could tell they all were in awe of the place.
One could not help but feel humbled by such a very profound experience as to be standing in the presence of such an ancient and mysterious landmark.

Oxford with its many institutions of higher learning was our final stop.
The fascinatingly historical colleges date as far back as the 13'th century.
It was such a visually interesting place with its extremely old schools connected by small cobblestone alleys and lanes.
Our guide made it a point of adding the connection of this place to current popular film with inspired architecture for the recent Harry Potter films.

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