Sunday, September 27, 2009

Travel Log #12 Copenhagen

Sunday, June 28, 2009

After a big hearty breakfast, courtesy of the hotel, we had the whole day free to do as we please. This is the last full day here in Europe and we decided to do some serious souvenir shopping.
The first thing we noticed is that a lot of young people are wearing black T-shirts with the words Michael Forever printed in white. We assumed this meant that Michael Jackson had met his demise and it turned out to be the case.
We stopped at an open air flea market nearby and then went shopping downtown.
There were a lot of high school graduates riding around in open air trucks everywhere and making noise and being rowdy but all in good fun.

In the evening we visited the world famous Tivoli Gardens. It is a very old (the oldest?)continuous amusement/ entertainment/ flower gardens/ light show park situated right in the middle of the city. We ate dinner there (a bit pricey but good food). There were some orchestras and music bands playing at different venues. When it got dark, what seemed like tens of thousands of colored lights came on everywhere. It was very festive, indeed.

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