Monday, June 07, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque

What's up with the kerfuffle regarding the plans to build on and expand a mosque about two blocks away from ground zero? Lest we forget, ground zero is the site of the 9/11 attack by crazed religiously inspired terrorists. From what I've been hearing and reading, there are voices both in opposition and in favor.
Here's my take on it...
Ground zero and the city of NY has been and remains the focal point of a misguided segment of Islamic religious extremist terrorists' hatred for our way of life. Since Muslim Americans have made the decision to build a large combination mosque and community center makes it clear, to me at least, that they stand with the citizens of New York City and the rest of this great country. It confirms that they stand in opposition to the twisted hatred that resulted in 9/11 and similar attacks.
Because they are knowingly placing themselves and their worshippers in the bull's eye of the focal point of that targeted hatred.
They are making a statement. They are saying that they believe so strongly in our way of life that they're even willing to become targets of a 9/11-like strike if, God forbid, it should ever happen again. They are willing to risk their own safety to show solidarity with their fellow neighbors regardless of what their religious beliefs may be.
I say welcome them with open arms as if they were our brothers and sisters.


beakerkin said...

It should be built at another location a few blocks away. This is in poor taste.

roman said...


I admit I was very conflicted in coming to the "welcoming" conclusion. Maybe, I'm just very naive that way. The "poor taste" factor was tough to overcome but I still have faith in the basic goodness of the majority of Muslim Americans. If they are willing to build in the "terrorist bulls-eye" and risk their lives along with the rest of us, I cannot but be swayed by this symbolism.

Ducky's here said...

They aren't expanding anything, it isn't a mosque, it is further from the site of the towers than you state and there are already mosques in the area.

You seem to be from the Beak school of reporting.

roman said...


Thanks for pointing out the three factual errors in my post. I have made the corrections. I based my original reportage on early news reports at a time when this news was just breaking.
The proposed site is in fact two blocks away instead of "about a block away". Also, there was no existing mosque at that site before and thus does not qualify for the descriptive term of "expansion".
While these technical inconsistencies were present, I remain a strong believer in the main theme of my post which states that this mosque draws a dividing line between mainstream moderate Muslims that stand with their fellow citizens against those radical "haters" who committed the despicable act of 9/11.