Friday, October 14, 2005


Hi there! Welcome to my blog! This is my first posting on my own blog page. I am a man who resides in the South Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. Politically, I'm slightly right of center. I used to be a liberal on most issues a while back but things have changed during the last few years and so have I. Most of the policies of this Bush administration are reasonable and I'm in agreement with them. Some of the policies I disagree with and I will not defend those policies. In fact, I will let my feelings be known about these unfair policies.
I will attempt to share some insights and maybe share some of my lifetime experiences. My only motive for this (without sounding pompous) is to learn and then share what I have learned with you.
I know that this brief introduction is sketchy at best but I would like to keep most of who I am to myself for now.
Journalism was never my forte but I will pay due diligence to the craft and pray I do not disappoint anyone who stops by my site.

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Jonah said...

Hi Roman,

I just wanted to stop by your blog since you were kind enough to leave a comment at mine.