Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Saddam, Mister Nice Guy?

What is it with the New York Times these days. Negative nabobs.. oops, sorry Spiro.
Their OpEd piece draws the conclusion that the US and Iraq government just can't get anything right. Their slant on the trial of Saddam Hussein is that its a circus (my word). Saddam's rights are being violated? Who are these self appointed left-wing proponents of defendants' rights?
Let me just indulge myself into one factor as the cause for this type of reporting and ignore, for now, the obvious left-wing slant that is politically inspired.
I can understand (don't agree with) the old-time concept of left-wing academics and their young hordes of converts for admiring revolutionary movements and their charismatic leaders.
Viva Che!
There were times when this adoration was "reasonable" with respect to movements to evict tyrannical fascist dictatorships and give power back to the "people".
Protest against all ills, real or imagined became fashionable here in the USA in the 60's and 70's.
The spirit of protest by these converts against "the people's" oppressors soon devolved into protest against the establishment, any establishment.
HELLO, establishment is good. Law and order is good. Ask any Iraqi, even a Sunni Arab if they would feel more safe if they had some semblance of law and order. I'll bet they cannot even imagine the system of justice that we here in the US enjoy and take for granted.
I suspect there are some elements of these converts, now in the full bloom of maturity, that still carry this derailed spirit of protest as part of their psyche. They view the establishment (government) as evil and always looking to "screw" the people and are still driven by the old spirit of protest to "expose" any perceived governmental failure. Their zeal and relish for exposing government shortcomings are of the same intensity as the quest to bring down the worst tyranny the world has ever known.
I'm afraid that some of these same converts are writing, reporting or editing for today's MSM.
Is the current phenomenon of giving favorable notoriety to the likes of Saddam Hussein (the butcher of Baghdad), a warped sense of reality by MSM? This pathology of left-wing ideology may be part of the answer.
Is it Viva Saddam now?
OK, that's "over the top", I admit, but reading the Op-Ed piece in the NYT just made me search my mind for any kind of plausible explanation for this type of negative slant to their opinions.


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