Thursday, September 07, 2006

Where is Rove's apology?

A tempest in a teapot. Much ado about nothing. I could recite a few more well known thespian phrases describing the Wilson-Plame fiasco but we all know partisan political trash when we encounter it. All the far left wing liberal publications and blogs who have been continually vilifying Karl Rove for "outing" Valerie Plame should now offer some kind of apology or at least a "correction". Recently revealed facts do not support the accusation and a reddish hue is setting into the cheeks of some of the loudest proponents of this baseless journalism. Their almost pathological mantra of continuously stating as undisputed fact that Valerie was an undercover CIA agent and Rove, that most evil rascal, "gave her up" without a second thought.
Who is they? The New York Times, LA Times, Boston Globe and just about all the left wing blogs.
There is a bunch more but who really cares at this point? The damage is done. No retraction, even if offered, will erase from the general populace the egregious partisan assumptions based on nothing but a seething hatred for the Bush administration. Are these the learned and respected professionals of the MSM and blogosphere who are supposed to be endowed with heaps of journalistic integrity? I am not going to hold my breath waiting for sincere introspection and an honest "mea culpa" from this lot. In their left wingnut world all is the way it should be. No mistakes were made. Move along, nothing to see here...


Renegade Eye said...

If you check my blog, I always opposed the Plame affair prosecution, on the basis of the law is reactionary, and made to put down the left.

Who cares if a CIA agent was exposed? No other govt. agency has the same priviledges as the CIA, against revealing identities.

See: Phillip Agee

roman said...


I must admit that your blog was one of the rare left leaning forums that treated this Plame fiasco with the restraint it so richly deserved. That is why it is one of my solid links and recommend it to anyone who wants more than just one side of any debate.

Pete's Blog said...

I basically agree Roman.

I've commented on several blogs, including Kira's, that the Plame outing had much more to do with her striking blond looks than a clear and present national security or legal problem.

Apparently Plame's identity was ALREADY widely known amongst foreign policy journalists and Washington society.

The damsel in distress theme suited the press very well. If she had been rotund, balding and male, like Rove or Armitage, her outing would have hardly rated a line in WashPost or NYT.


gregrandgar said...

The irony of a defender of Rove's integrity accusing anyone of sweeping evil under the rug seems to escape you folks.