Friday, April 03, 2009

Conservatism's CliffsNotes.

Roman highly recommends Mark Levin's new book. I was sold after reading only the first few pages.
Picked it up at the local book store after enduring some taunting (but playful)remarks from the two girls at the cash register. They looked out the window after I left...probably to see if I had a gun-rack on my rear window. I'm used to it. This type of behavior is fairly common here in Massachusetts which, along with the United Socialist Republic of Vermont, aspire to join the EU as soon as they're able. Only kidding!
Remember, only by hearing BOTH SIDES can one truly understand.
OK, time to get off the soapbox.


beakerkin said...

I am a big fan of Levin's. Someone should have the usual dumbasses listen to Levin explain what an unlawful combatant is.

Unlike the usual morons Levin is a Constitutional scholar.

roman said...


I've finished the book. It addresses, in plain English, the main principles of modern day Conservatism and its many challenges posed by the "Statists" who have fooled the people into a false sense of security. The liberal left's empty rhetoric and penchant to spend money like drunken sailors, will not hold up for the long run. Unfortunately, the damage for the future of this proud nation will be enormous and will take a generation or more to rectify.

beakerkin said...


Where do you get Levin in your neck of the woods. In the winter I could get WABC radio in Saint Albans Vermont in the car at night.

Oddly, I think some station in Boston carries Mike Savage who gets killed in NYC where they go head to head.

roman said...


Because of my work schedule, I get to really listen only when driving to customer appointments. The only time I heard Mark Levin was about three weeks ago when he was on Rush's show promoting this book. The odd thing was that, while driving, I decided to give the AM dial a scan. Even though the reception was poor, I liked what I heard and kept listening even through the scratchy and static- filled reception.
The only decent Boston station for talk is WTKK 96.9 with Michael Graham and Jay Severin. To get Savage, I would have to be extremely lucky while listening to that same scratchy AM station where the reception is only faintly audible in a few places around Boston. Maybe it was WABC.

Renegade Eye said...

I don't see how conservatism has a future, for several reasons, including changing demographics.

In Canada the conservatives were smart enough to undermine the NDP, by voting in universal healthcare. I don't see that happening here.

This economic crisis is to conservatism, is like the fall of the Berlin Wall was to Stalinism.

roman said...


What transpired during the last administration was a FAILURE to uphold Conservative principles. Bush did not veto any spending bills, even the one's loaded with programs antithetical to conservatism, during his tenure in the WH. Hence, it was not because of conservatism that we are in this economic fiasco but the lack of it.
Obama's liberal/socialist policies have no chance of sustaining this nation's dynamic economic energy. His administration will undoubtedly try to over-reach in their responsibilities in the financial regulation arena. They're like kids with an open cookie jar and eventually this will cause them great harm and the economic cycle will turn 180 with a demand for "responsible" government. Not before, alas, causing HUGE problems for the future of this country. One only has to look at their spending so far. Not counting the stimulus, which I believe was neccessary, but the budget so hastly approved. This extraordinary record-breaking spending budget boggles the mind and every worker and his offspring for generations to come will suffer a lower standard of living because of it. Keep in mind that the budget is separate from the stimulus. It is only because of this crisis and the confusion surrounding it that the Dems were able to get this budget OK'd without the outrage that would have ensued had it not occurred at this time.