Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The 5000 Year Leap

Just finished another great book and recommend it highly.
Have you ever wondered why the USA is the most successful nation in the world? Why do different folks (like me) from around the globe abandon their ancestral homes to come and live here? It's because of our Constitution! It is, by far, the most advanced and thoughtful political and societal document ever devised. This book explains the Founders' thoughts and reflections on the most important features of this document in 28 easy to understand principles.
Washington, Jefferson, Madison, John and Samuel Adams and Lincoln are the Presidents prominently featured along with a varied supporting cast which include Cicero, John Locke and Adam Smith amongst many others. I guarantee that any reader will see the political and economic events that confront us today in a totally different light.


Renegade Eye said...

The seperation of church and state was revolutionary. The document was born of revolution.

Marx had respect for Smith and Ricardo. When they wrote capitalism was a new, progressive system. He hated Malthus who was truly reactionary.

roman said...


Malthus was never a "fun" read although his dystopian views of society carry a certain amount of thruth. The Chinese government with their one child policy actually put into practice one of his so-called "preventive" checks on population growth.
So far, his "positive" checks in the form of pestilence, war and starvation have not needed any conscious help from mankind as they just seem to unfold spontaneously.
Very depressing, his axioms, but not to be taken lightly.