Monday, June 15, 2009

Crossing the pond.

Life's been very hectic lately and about to get even more livelier the next few weeks. It's time to surrender to that restless travel bug.
Leaving for London via Reykjavik 6/16(anything to save a few bucks). Will stay in Soho for a few days (where else?). A cruise down the Thames and Stonehenge are a must. Then its a train ride through the Chunnel to Paris. After taking in some of the sights, sounds and tastes there will be a train ride to Brussels and another to Hasselt and then to my old stomping grounds in Waterschei and Gelieren by rental car. As this is where I spent my tender early years, this is the highlight of the trip. If it's not too far to drive, Amsterdam looks appealing for a day trip. Then a short flight from Brussels to Copenhagen for the remaining time. Going to need to change some dollars for some UK currency (Pounds), lots of Euros and some Kronen. A common currency? Not yet!
Will fly back on 6/29 via Reykjavik.
Plan to have mucho pics for a travel log on this site.


DagoodS said...

Have a good time! Look forward to the pics.

jams o donnell said...

enjot your trip Roman!

roman said...

DagoodS and jams,

Thanks for the good wishes. At present we are in Belgium and so far it's been a great trip. The historical places are exciting but the real enjoyment is the people we meet. So friendly and all have such interesting backgrounds and stories to tell. My Flemish is rusty but luckily I can still get by with the basics.