Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama... Nobel Laureate?

I really thought it was a joke.
I heard that the Nobel Peace prize was actually awarded 12 days after BHO took office. He hadn't even warmed the chair in the oval office yet and already he is bestowed this honor. This jaw-dropping move by the Norwegian parliamentarians enforces what I have been saying all along. Our new president is stealthily following a course which will turn our nation into a socialist one ala EU. Those EU politicians voted not for what Obama did but what he will, they hope, in time deliver. Massive government with a stifling choke-hold on the economy that will secure a more socialist and anti-capitalist mindset in the populace. Thus steering our nation into a kind of economic malaise typically found in the EU and other left- of-center governments.
Their action of awarding this prize seems to be a direct political intrusion by way of a foreign entity to lobby and influence a sitting POTUS to form and make decisions regarding foreign policy. The award has actually "cheapened" the value and symbolic worthiness of the prize.
I know that some readers might scoff at my insistence that BHO is a closet socialist.
The proof? here's just a few:
*His gift of bailing out the auto makers union with stimulus money.
*His backing of freer rules of unionizing procedures.
*His sacking of a corporate CEO. Govt meddling in private industry, a first by a president, ever!
*His obvious support, despite waffling rhetoric, about a "public health option" which everyone knows, will over time, kill off the private insurance industry due to its inherent competitive edge (gvt financed non-profit).
Yes, even his ardent supporters who were convinced he is a "centrist" are now readily admitting his far left leaning (AKA socialist) agenda.
If you're like me and want to see actual enforcement of the laws on the books by our public employees instead of their ignoring them and blaming their shortfalls on the free enterprise system, start to vote accordingly. Let's not throw out the system that made this nation the most prosperous, free, educated and powerful to ever have existed in human history.
Remember to vote the "career political" bums out next election regardless of party affiliations.. I just hope it's not too late.


Renegade Eye said...

It's been helping the real socialists, calling Obama socialist. The more Obama was called socialist, the less votes McCain got.

A real nationalization of auto, would make the board of directors; 1/3 auto workers, 1/3 the union movement and 1/3 the state.

He is presiding over 2 unpopular wars. Therefore he deserves the peace prize. They even gave Kissinger one.

roman said...


Obama is a socialist. He's just not able to state so publically due to political concerns. The average US citizen would never give him his/her vote if he was more honest in stating his true beliefs. His every action, to date, betrays his concealment of this fact.
As far as the nationalization of auto, I have great difficulty with the 1/3 union movement. Who are these people and what qualifies them to make decisions which affect the multitude of the workers?
The award was used as a tool to influence BHO in his decisions over the 2 "unpopular" wars. Was there ever a "popular" war? :)

beakerkin said...


The Nobel Prize was a deserved feat in the mind of Comrade Gassy Sandwich. It was a fixed election by a star chamber committee of ideologically INANE leftists with no merrit.

This also explains how people with no credentials get high paying jobs in academia.

This same bug eyed death cultist extols plebiscites and is an apologist for a despot in Caracas.

Has anyone seen my golden ice pick necklaces or Mexico City Martyrdom paintings. I plan on making big bucks selling them as religious artifacts to the Cult of Trotsky Followers.

roman said...


Good hearing from you.
The far left in this country appear to be very stubborn eternal optimists. Instead of concentrating on matters that directly affect their lives and working towards that end like the rest of us, they follow this impossible idyllic concept of a social Utopia. Historically it has never been achieved and when tested it has always failed with disastrous consequences for the "workers". Their "bosses" under a free enterprise system just get replaced by new (usually worse) bosses and the results are always the same with chaos, misery and disappointment. Luckily, to date, whenever a Marxist–style system implodes there has always been a strong capitalist-based system somewhere to bail them out.
Just imagine the nightmare scenario of there not being that option available. It would truly be hell on earth with the only option being violent and destructive revolution.

kaye Sharma said...

Its like hedging on someone with a hope for a better tomorrow !!!
May be we think alike!!!
I would appreciate your views on my blog.