Saturday, December 05, 2009

Mind your business!

WOW, I have not been away from my blog this long since I started blogging so many years ago. What has kept me away so long?
In a word.. WORK! Lots of work crammed into not enough time.
The ongoing financial crisis is global and it has affected many in a negative way. It has not spared me although I think I have a handle on it.
My workplace has had a severe drought of activity which has lasted over a year now. Lay-offs have decimated the company's workforce and we, the blessed working survivors, are trying to be the modern day gods of productivity now that some semblance of economic activity has gradually returned.
In short, activity is up but no new hires!
I guess that's why they call it a "jobless recovery".
If you have ever left your house and had that nagging feeling that you left the back door wide open or left the gas on, you know how I feel each day when I'm driving home from work.
What have I left undone and will it be a problem?
I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm just wondering how wide spread this condition is? If it is widespread, what are the implications concerning the state of mind of all those maxed-out, stressed-out workers out there?
I can't help thinking that there will be some lasting changes even after the economy recovers.
This prolonged state of workplace anxiety must be having some kind of effect on those who truly believe that the buck does stop with them. There is a well known workplace maxim that "if you want something done give the job to the busiest worker".
Where is that busiest worker's breaking point?
Should we be concerned?
I've read someplace that a prolonged state of stress and anxiety in an entrapped environment can cause permanent changes in the way our brains function with results that may irreversably alter one's state of mind. Posttraumatic stress disorder does not present itself on 100% of combat veterans but with the few that it does, the suffering goes on for a very long time with devastating effects on themselves and their loved ones.
Time will tell if this C-PTSD will play out in the same percentile of workers that are asked to do the impossible as in those combat troops.


Renegade Eye said...

That was a great, heartfelt post. Easily your best. It transcended ideology.

I'm concerned about Sonia. I'll write her soon.

roman said...

I'm honored.
Thanks, Ren.

Joe said...