Monday, December 28, 2009

No more hacks, please.

Can we conclude that it is NOT SAFE to fly?
Our political system of granting political favors to supporters is at fault. Case in point... Obama makes Napolitano chief of homeland security. The problem... she has absolutely no experience.
Napolitano was recently criticised for making the statement that, "The system worked" when referring to an amateurish terrorist attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253 near Detroit on 12/25/09. She later corrected herself on a morning TV show by admitting to host Matt Lauer that the security system had in fact failed.
This political appointee should resign as soon as possible because she seems to have absolutely no idea what she is doing. She's a political "hack" who can't even give an accurate accounting of events and make basic conclusions.
The fact that an amateur wannabe terrorist was on a plane with an incendiary device over a large city in the US should never be construed as a security "success". She must think the general public is so gullible and dumb as to be incapable of making a logical conclusion based on the facts. Evidently Rahm Emmanuel or someone else who was able to make logical inferences had to clue her in and convince her to make a correcting statement. Obviously, she's over her head.
Had this been a REAL trained terrorist, we would have experienced a tragedy with 300 or so passengers and unknown number of Detroit residents dead.
It's time to end this dangerous political game of appointing inexperienced "hacks" (political supporters) to positions of critical security responsibility. Politicians should never again be allowed to gamble with the lives of their constituents.
Obama, where is the change?

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