Wednesday, January 20, 2010

52% Great Scott!

Yesterday, being a Massachusetts voter who trudged through the snowy slush and freezing drizzle to cast my vote for Scott Brown, it was a day for the record books. Ted Kennedy's Senatorial seat, now a/k/a the "people's seat", has finally been pried loose from the Kennedy family's control. In some manner or form, the Kennedy family has maintained control of this seat ever since 1952. Is this any way to uphold Democratic principles in our so called Republic? For more reasons than I could ever enumerate here, it obviously is not. However, if there ever was a place for this curious phenomenon, then traditionally liberal "one-party" Massachusetts is its Utopia.
After yesterday's votes were counted, I was so happy, I had to switch to decaf to avoid becoming totally out of control.
Political arrogance and elitism has finally been somewhat stifled and the rest of the "smarter than thou" crowd both locally on Beacon Hill and in Washington D.C. has been put on notice. By electing Scott Brown we, the 52%, made a statement. WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! We reject outright those political hacks who ignore the public interest while pursuing their own ambitions for higher office and just "going along to get along". We are going to seek out and find those few honest representative hopefuls who think and act INDEPENDENTLY. From now on we must vote out any rubber-stampers who blindly tow the party line whether Dems or Repubs. Only then can we be assured of FAIR representation the way our founding fathers envisioned it and handed it down to us in the form of the Constitution of the USA.
It would be in the people's direct interest to cancel, not permanently, but for at least a few years, their affiliation to either the Democrat or Republican party and become an un-enrolled or independent voter. Just this simple act of defiance will be a giant leap in reducing the ugly lock-step partisanship which is on daily display in local and national government. Further, we should never again allow the political "machine" to become so pervasively controlling and "out of touch" as today's Congress and Executive branch has shown themselves to be.
Backroom deals, bribes, pay-offs and out-of-control spending (of money that isn't even there yet) needs to stop immediately.
An angry 52% of the people of Massachusetts have spoken clearly. The political status-quo cannot continue on its present path of accelerated national political devolution. If we, as a nation, are to retain the hard-earned quality of exceptionalism in all matters of diplomatic, academic, social, economic and security responsibilities we must start immediately to use the power of our vote wisely with informed self-interest and not by overbearing partisan loyalties.


beakerkin said...

There is anger on the ground level.
It is aimed at the Harrington Democrats and the Country Club GOP.
Welcome to Coffee Shop conservatism
up from the grass roots.

The days where Democrats could be more worried about Sandanistas, Chavez and Moveon are over. Politics are very local.

roman said...


I'm re-invigorated politically.

オテモヤン said...