Thursday, October 07, 2010

Health Care

It looks like the Democrats are in trouble this November.
Losing the House majority looks definite.
The Senate may also be in jeopardy according to some political pundits who claim to know these things.
With renewed strength on their side of the aisle, the Republicans will most likely try to starve (financially) the new Obamacare (aka National Health Care Reform) just passed and just getting under way.
I would like to remind all those hopeful Republicans that while this new health plan may have been "forced" on us by the current administration at a very bad time, economically speaking, it nevertheless has some solid reforms that should stay.
Sure, the dependent coverage extension to age 26 is just plain silly and should be done away with. This is just a government social engineering ploy and all it really accomplishes is to keep young adults infantile and dependent on their parents for another few years. It's ridiculous.
Some reforms, however, should stay.
Among them, abolishing lifetime and annual limits of coverage, pre-existing conditions and keeping many of the preventive care provisions. There are a few others.
Our health insurance system before these reforms was unfair and the long term prognosis will only lead to more and more class hatred and social upheaval due to health services availability for only the well-healed, so to speak.
Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.
There are many worthy and needed reforms in this package. I sense that with some tweaking, a general consensus may be achieved which will strengthen our nation's health system and make it more equitable to a larger sector of the public.
To dump the whole package would anger most of us voters immensely.
I firmly believe that anger would then be heard loudly in the 2012 elections.


Renegade Eye said...

You're more moderate than given credit for.

Big party politics is hyperbole. Once even a soft healthcare program like Obama's, once open, is hard to close.

The GOP peaked in August.

Groups promising reform and don't deliver, often lose elections.

roman said...

Hi Ren,

Your analysis is right on target. I am a moderate on most social issues.

The November elections belong to the GOP. Only radical right wingers with sketchy backgrounds are at risk in their run against liberal incumbents.

I hope you are right about Obamacare and that some of the popular changes can be retained.
The large sector of baby-boomer voters sees Obamacare as a threat. It is already having a negative impact on Medicare (Medicare advantage being dropped by the large insurers) plus the 500 billion in reduced benefits over the next few years.
Look for a tidal wave of incumbents, from both sides of the aisle, to be swept away this November.