Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

I'm still around.
Have not been able to blog much lately.
Very busy at work. Late nights and some Saturdays and Sundays, too.
It will be 2012 in a few hours..I don't know why that causes a slight increase in the level of anxiety and some sense of melancholia.
After all, it's just another number that happens to be next in line while our stream of consciousness continues unabated.
We decided not to go ballroom dancing, nightclubbing or such this newyear's eve. Just a quiet evening inside and a visit with local friends tomorrow for dinner.
Remy, our three year old Papipoo is lying next to my computer and keeps an eye out for what may happen next. He's always ready to do something, anything.
Just ordered another computer from Dell... a Vostro with the latest MS OS and Intel 7 chip.. to replace the one I am using since it is 7 years old and runs XP (not that there is anything wrong with XP). With the tremendous increase in data being transmitted due to video streaming and the like, it is important to keep up to date with the latest technical improvements.
I'm sticking with Dell since the last three computers gave a good accounting of themselves.
Soon, I'll start to process tax returns for the many friends/clients that keep calling me each year. I guess they like the service I provide.
I hope the Iowa caucuses will hopefully launch Mitt Romney as the strongest contender to replace Obama. Don't get me wrong, I like some of Obama's foreign policies but not his domestic policies. His big government mind-set has not produced the hope and change promised. 45% of young people between the ages of 18 and 29 are unemployed. That's very troubling. What are almost half of this age group of young people going to do with their time?
Anyway, we need to get this country back into producing jobs. With stats at an official 8.6% unemployed and supposedly up to 17% not or under-employed.. we need to change course on our domestic economic agenda.
OK, I'm stepping off my soap box for now.
My wish is for all to find peace and renewal of a spirituality that makes us comfortable in our daily lives. Here's hoping for a better year in 1012.

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