Friday, June 29, 2012

Fooled again!

Oh, so it is a TAX afterall..... Obamacare is now the law of the land. It has some features that show promise but at what cost? Its fervent promoters do not seem to care about cost only the promissed benefits. I call it the "liberal utopian construct of reality". In their minds, there are no down sides..only up sides. The stark reality is that our current fragile economy needs less burdens placed on businesses not more. The enormous TAX this new health care plan introduces cannot come at a worse time. Businesses will now put into action their plans for "the worst case scenario" which means that in order to preserve their bottom line and stay in the black, their highest expense (personnel) must be kept in check. An obvious part of the action plan implementation will be an immediate hiring freeze and maybe even a second look at culling the workforce. The unemployment job numbers will soar even further. Not even the politically inspired constant increases in government employment will be able to slow the jobless rate. Brace yourselves for a severe slowdown in business activity and increases in the roles of the jobless. Instead of incremental changes in the health care programs over time as the economy improves, this upper-cut to the jaw will leave a stunning result in the psyche of thinking folk everywhere. Will it be enough to put us back on the right track to political sanity? It's probably too late because it seems that most of the voting public is interested more in who gets voted as the new entertainment television idol than governmental control over their very lives. After presenting this mandate as not a tax increase this past three years, this administration deceived us and I cannot but feel insulted at being treated so disrespectfully. They have no shame!

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